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Top Tips for Choosing the roof for your house

Learn how to choosing roofing materials for your new house with top tips and latest trends of roof types and designs

The roof is an important part in building a house : with the space is closed, and the effort materializes. Hence its importance, especially at a time when the construction of a housing means, for a large part of society, one more significant investment.

Top Tips for Choosing the roof for your house
Top Tips for Choosing the roof for your house

How to choose roofing materials :

Therefore, before starting any idea or sketch, to decide what type of roof is right is best to consult a professional ahead.

The roof is part of a whole and not a catalog of parts to choose from. Define the space and style of a house.

Different proposals

When it comes to options, can be described three main alternatives:

Flat Roofs:

 here predominates reinforced concrete slab. Frequently applied to modern minimalist concept with square designs, white overhangs, simple clean lines and no cover in sight. Also often used with pergolas protected by metal or plastic plates hail.

A one or two stools on their covers usually colored plates common galvanized sheets or tiles be used. Currently, predominantly gabled wooden structure with a tiled roof covered with glazed tiles or common in all models, as well as color plates.

A number of water:  very common in southern Argentina, although also seen in gated communities. They should take care of several points: "meetings between a skirt and a ceiling. Consider the necessary section of the support beams, hip lines, ridges, valleys and on this issue, drains and discharge of water, "says the architect Gonzalo Ferrer.


In that sense, they are also three aspects to consider when designing the roof :

 Climate: the first aspect to consider is the location and climate. If it is an area with intense and very frequent rains, the better the sloping roof. Given the slope of the roof, water is easily evacuated. This does not invalidate that flat roofs can be made ​​if the aesthetics of the house is imposed.

 Vegetation :  where there are many trees, drains are often clogged. In these cases it is advisable to resort to flat roof with free drainage, ie without gutters. Thus, the leaves will not be retained by any structural element of the roof.

Use: what counts is whether or not be accessible. That is, if you use it as a terrace, then you should opt for a flat roof.

Within this option, there are several possibilities of termination. The most common is the typical tiled terrace. There are variations, such as a patio to gain more space in homes where there is little patio or background. Another option is the combination of flat roofs with inclined, where the flat parts are used as a terrace balconies.

Wood roof :

For wood ceilings, it is necessary to consider the type and quality of material. Today compensated or birch plywood applies in eucalyptus and pine, for his technical ability, elasticity, durability and above all, because it tends to deform by grain.

Thermal insulation

Finally, a roof not only prevents seepage of rainwater: it must also keep the room cool in summer and warm in the winter (thermal insulation). It can be done in different ways or techniques: layers of light and porous (expanded polystyrene) materials, glass wool or polyurethane spray. They apply both flat and sloping.

Outstanding issue

The minimum slope roofs of any type of material depends mainly on the prevailing winds in the area, the type of socket parts coating and the same size (The smaller, but increases the number of connections and possible locations water inlet).

In the particular case covers colonial tiles, provides for a minimum slope equivalent to an angle of 20 ° or 35 percent (meaning that for every linear meter - 100 inches - up 35 cm). However, it is necessary to address the statistics of wind and rain in the area and experiences with different slopes.

Meanwhile, from 1 to 3 inches per meter to the discharge is the minimum slope of a flat roof to drain the water.

I hope that you can choosing quality roofing for your home now

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