segunda-feira, 28 de Outubro de 2013

Currently inspired by

Fall trends made easy

1940's lady-like
Round full skirt + simple white shirt et voilá

Animal print
Think croc for this season for bags and accessories and leopard for garments.
Pair ir with a jewel tone such as deep green or burgundy.

Menswear inspired
No,this doesn't mean "boyfriend's jeans look"... 
This means classic and sharp pant suits with a touch of feminity in the form of a gorgeous pump or some beautiful chandelier earrings.

Black & white. That's it.
The twists in the trend are in the cut of the garment, the texture-playing of the pieces and the way you layer them.

Yes, it is not spring but you re allowed to wear flowers!
Just follow 2 simple rules:
1- go for dark pattern of flowers
2- stay within the same color family (example: black and navy, red and burgundy)

Go for round capes in navy green, gold embroidery and combat boots.